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lighting show in Rayer Lighting park

As Rayer Lighting has some lighting project customers, they always asked Rayer Lighting not only design, production, but also help them to do installation. In order to test the stability of the products and find more installation solution, Rayer Lighting established their own light park with 20000 Square Meters near the factory in 2019. All the products in the park are produced by Rayer Lighting, Such as LED string light, LED motif light, LED Rope light, LED icicle light, LED net light interactive lights and suitable smart controlling system. Through the design and installation of this big lighting project, Rayer Lighting got rich experience not only in designing but also in installation. It helps Rayer Lighting care about both the ingenuity design, but also need to consider the installation in the end customers. It gave Rayer Lighting more and more professional .Enclosed are some photos of the lighting park for your reference.